Quality Assessment Calculator

You have probably recently tested the level of your customer interactions, but how reliable were your findings? Find out right now by completing the fields to the right.

Now contact us to find out how many assessments you should be doing and how a change will directly impact your level of success.

  • The number of agents for a given campaign
  • Each campaign should be calculatted separately
  • The weekly average calculated over the last 13-week period
  • Each campaign should be calculated separately
  • Factor in any significant performance affecting changes over the period (spikes due to new product launches or marketing etc.)
  • The average handling time of an interaction
  • The weekly average number of assessments completed

Did you know that internal quality and compliance departments generally listen to a maximum of about 1% of their sales calls? However, that 1% is off a fluctuating sample size, which means the mined data is misleading or biased – leading to a traditional statistical certainty of only 52%, with Call Insight however that percentage shoots up to 95%. This is because we use an accurate sample size but there is also more too it than that, we don’t simply focus on the number of assessments but also their distribution.

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