The challenge with traditional quality monitoring is that it is often heavily biased towards compliance; in addition, it is rarely carried out on a significant enough scale to deliver meaningful results. Because of this, Insight is an incredibly important process.

Insight is telling our customers what their customers think and feel about their services, including why they are satisfied and stay or why they are dissatisfied and leave. This offers them the opportunity to focus on the necessary areas of their business.

Our trained and experienced teams can identify patterns in calls that traditional monitoring fails to pick up. We provide information on:

  • What existing/potential customers are saying about a suite of products and services
  • Why potential customers buy, or don’t buy, from a service provider
  • What customers are saying about competitors in the marketplace
  • What is it about a service provider that customers are satisfied or dissatisfied with
  • Inbound interactions - what is causing people to contact a business
  • First-time resolution capabilities
  • Agent behaviour that is evident in successful contacts but absent in unsuccessful ones
  • Effectiveness of Call Flow processes

In addition to our Insight conclusions, we can also overlay our findings with any of your existing customer satisfaction surveys to give a more complete view of what customers are truly thinking and saying about your brand and/or business.

When implemented, our findings will help drive business improvement and service delivery

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