Quality and Compliance

Typically, internal Quality departments will monitor about 1% of their successful interactions. Using these less than accurate and reliable findings, a business may then develop new training programmes, take agents away from their core tasks to deliver coaching sessions, amend induction programs and even implement costly strategic business changes. In theory they are doing the right thing… but in reality, probably not.

If you run your business in a regulated sector, you will know that trusted Quality and Compliance monitoring is vital in order to stay within the guidelines set by the industry regulators. That is where we step in, offering clients accurate and reliable information, helping them to, not just stay within those regulatory guidelines, but to excel while they are there as well.

How exactly?

Most in-house quality functions deliver a 50% confidence level, but we use accurately targeted statistical modeling to raise that statistical certainty to 95%.

Accurate, timely and comprehensive reporting is critical when dealing with compliance; to this end we produce daily reports, always within 24-hours of our monitoring.

Once delivered our reporting offers businesses a headline view of performance - whilst also providing full capability to drill down to Campaign, Team and Agent level quickly and easily – isolating both problems and excellence.

Click on the link below to see an example of the Quality and Compliance reporting that we produce for existing clients.

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